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John Wilde Ministries

Walking with people and parishes on a Spirit-led journey of faith with Jesus.


About John Wilde Ministries

For over 30 years, John has inspired people from all over Western New York with his music, faith sharing talks, retreats, and teachings on God and the Catholic Faith. John has a unique ability to weave personal stories and humor right alongside deep discussions on a variety of faith-based topics.

People of all ages have enjoyed listening to John lead them in song or take them on a spiritual adventure learning about the faith. John has been heard in parishes from Olean to Buffalo to Holley bringing his gifts to families and people of all ages as he accompanies them on their journey to fall in love with Jesus and His Church. 

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Welcome and Intro

Upcoming Events

Lenten Retreats
Into the Wilderness

2/20 St. John Vianney 

at 6:30

3/20 UB Newman Center at 5 p.m.

Confirmation Retreats

3/23 St. John Vianney

4/13 Fields of Grace parish

4/14 UB Newman/St. Joseph University


Spring Confirmation Retreats at:

14 Holy Helpers,

West Seneca;

St. Timothy's, Tonawanda;




Parishioner Responses from 2022 Advent Retreats 

John - Thank you for taking us "Up The Mountain" this Advent. Your words and music were inspiring and lifted me up to hear the voice of God in both the thunder and the whisper. (Annunciation Parish)

During this season, I fight a sense of loss for Christmas past. I miss many members of my family. But I left with a sense of peace and God's love. Thank you! (14 Holy Helpers Parish)

John - Thank you for coming to our Church and bringing your wise words and beautiful music. I really needed this retreat more than I thought. I hope you come back soon! (Annunciation Parish)

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