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Where words are not enough to praise God, music comes to our aid - YOUCAT 183

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Music Ministries

John brings a wide variety of musical experience and styles to his ministry. Check out some of what he offers to see how it fits your needs.



John has been a Liturgical music minister and Cantor at several churches throughout the Buffalo Diocese. John presents the Word of God in a way that has moved the hearts of the faithful and encourages people to join their voices in worship of God.


Adoration and Prayer Services

Through his prayerful music, John leads people in a way that both gives glory and honor to God and allows each person to experience a deeper understanding and awareness of the presence of Jesus in the Eucharist and in prayer.



John has led music at retreats for people of all ages. From First Eucharist retreats for families, to contemporary teen retreats, to reflective retreats for adults, John's music is always an integral part of the encounter with God and how we both worship and listen His voice.

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